IHSV is a business acquisition and management company, with a comprehensive portfolio of capabilities, bridging global wealth and opportunities, focused on development of enterprise value.

IHSV  seeks quality new investments for ourselves and our portfolios while being consistent with our values and philosophy. Our team makes the following commitment to each other: We have come together to challenge each other and to grow together so that we can be as awesome as possible. We are at once in awe of the beauty of this mysterious world and in awe of the beauty that humanity is capable of. Let us live fiercely and so completely so that we leave a beautiful dent in this world this life. Let us give all that we have so that we are one and complete.

How we do business: We believe that in our business dealings all stakeholders should win. There are many ways to make profits (1) Employ a value and opportunistic acquisition approach (2) Focus on global arbitrage opportunities arising from cross-market information, regulatory and cultural asymmetries.